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The idea of a blog is to update it whenever something exciting happens, and let me tell you cricket fans... I’m excited!! Things are happening. Good things are happening.
The cricketing gods are smiling upon me. You can guess what I’m about to tell you… I finally have a NBA League Pass!! That’s right cricket fans, I can watch eight games of NBA live everyday of the week. If I don't see them live, don't fret dear readers. No need for panic. I can select any game and watch the replay whenever I want within 48 hours! Can you believe that? It’s possibly the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Last night I watched a replay of the Dallas Mavericks overtime win against a depleted Oklahoma City as I packed my suitcase to go to South Africa to join the Test Squad....

Ok, so I hope you can see the humour behind my opening paragraph. Only my true friends will know if that opening statement is true or not...

Down to business, this is a blog that is posted on the TCA and Cricket Australia websites. It’s a blog thats sole purpose is for you the reader to get an insight into the life of a domestic cricketer, albeit a slightly weird one. It’s a blog where you can leave messages, but there is no system set up so that I can actually reply to those messages. What’s going on with that?

Ratsawookie; keep them coming. Pam; we are waiting for the novel to be cleared by the authorities. Whitey (Alan); Can you thank Robbo for reading my blogs to you.. And why is Macca leaving messages? Macca, you are a nuffy who just became a father. Put down that cream bun and get off the Internet. You have a baby (Tessa Mae, she is truly gorgeous.. congrats Adelle) to care for.... Put down the bun NOW!!! and the can of Coke, and the bag of Home brand Party Mix. I don't care if they are your favourite, PUT THEM DOWN!! No Macca, you can't open a fresh box of Barbecue Shapes. I’m not interested that they are baked and not fried. Hungry Jacks burgers are grilled, that doesn't make them healthier. Although they probably would be if you didn’t buy that extra punnet of fries. Fatty.

Yesterday was one of the strangest days of my life. We bowled the Victorians out for 150 in their 2nd innings. As a Bowling group we couldn't have bowled any better. Our first innings effort was horrible; the Vics took us to cleaners and pummeled their way to 535.

They played Cuts, Pulls, On Drives, Off Drives, Cover Drives, Square Drives, Late Cuts, Back Cuts, French Cuts (one that I can remember), Leg Glances, worked them off their hip for one, and worst of all..They were resolute in Defence. So tight in Defence it bordered on arrogance.. We needed improvement from all our bowlers and that’s exactly what we got. Fuller straighter deliveries were delivered, as were deliveries that were delivered with such pace the people on the sidelines couldn't see the deliveries at all. Yes, I’m studying Journalism.. and I get my newspaper, you guessed it.... delivered!

Unfortunately the damage was done, we gave up to many runs in the first dig and the game ended in a draw. Jon Wells continues to impress with his role as opener and it was good to see GEORGEous George Bailey back in the runs.

On the way home from the ground I was doing my routine thing, singing Springsteen. My phone rings, and it couldn't ring at a worse time , I’m building to the peak of Better Days "now a life of leisure, and a pirates treasure, don’t make much for tragedy, its a sad man my friend that’s livin in his own skin, can't stand the company, every fools got a reason for feeling sorry for himself, and turnin his heart to stone, tonight this fools half way to heaven and just a mile out a hell, and I feel like I’m comin home".. I’m about to burst into the chorus with my best Springsteen rasp and its ring bloody ring time. This is the conversation in my best narrative writing;
Brett answers the phone "Hello, Brett speaking" he says still panting from his solo performance, "G'day Brett, it’s Michael Brown here from Cricket Australia" "How goes it Fool?"
Brett is a little confused by Michael’s choice of words, only Mr T uses the term "Fool". "I’m well thanks Michael, How’s the weather there in Melbourne?" Brett says ever so eloquently, he really is a graceful speaker.

"Weather's good thanks Brett, although we could use some rain, the bloody water levels are down to all time lows".

Brett ponders the water levels in Hobart as Michael continues "Let me tell ya something Mean Jean, I’m gonna rip The Macho Man Randy Savage in half with my 42 inch Pyhthons and all the little Hulkamaniacs are gonna come rumblin through you mean brother" It’s obvious at this stage that Michael has had a flashback to Hogan v Savage Retirement Fight at Summer Slam 93.
It makes Brett think about the time he and his brother used to wrestle on the trampoline in their backyard and would run from inside the house singing the theme music to each wrestler. The Fink, "Weighing in at Three Hundred Fifty Pounds, hailing from the beaches of California, Hulk Hoooooooooogan" Theme music kicks in "When it comes crashing down and hurts inside" Hulk steams from the dressing room in his famous red Hulkamania trunks and red knee pads "badumdumdumdadadada" Hulk now has the 100,000 strong crowd at the Madison Square Garden on their feet as he rips his yellow Hulkamania singlet off with his bare hands (only Hulk Hogan posses the strength to rip cotton).

"What?" Brett replies, happy with his own wrestling thoughts "I've some good news for you Fat Boy, the selectors have picked you to join the Test Squad in South Africa" Michael announces.
It’s Michaels second statement that has Brett giggling to himself like an over tickled Tickle me Elmo "Personally, I would have selected Andrew James, his hair is curlier, he never leaves home without applying mascara and he just brought Herbie from Driving Miss Daisy, anyone that drives a "Herbie" is a sure thing in my book".

It takes Brett some time to reply. Once composed he and Michael engage in some of the finer details of the trip - Departure times, Travel Attire etc. With that, Michael breaks into the chorus of Live It Up by the Mentals "Hey there you with the sad face come up to my place and live it up". Then abruptly hangs up. Brett pulls the car over to the side of the road, again surprised by Michael’s flashbacks and let’s fly with a ripping "Boo Yeah!"

It didn't take long for Brett to get back to the build up of Springsteen, when he hits the peak he hits it hard with possibly his best rasp "THESE ARE BETTER DAYS BABY!!"

****Please note; that version of the conversation was completely made up - Michael Brown is a true Professional and does his job brilliantly - Hi Browny! Wink face

On a serious note, I would like to pass on my best wishes to a chap by the name of Brent Webster. For those of you who don't know Brent's story; he was tragically crushed in a play fight with some mates at the end of last football season. The accident caused severe trauma to Brent’s neck and back and he is currently fighting like a true champion to be able to walk again.
On Friday the 27th of February, the Claremont Football Club put together a "Sportsman Night" with all monies raised going straight to Brent and his family to help cover Medical expenses and Brents pending move back home to Hobart. Quick thanks to Dermott Brereton, Doug Hawkins and the smoothest tonsils in the land Peter Gee for giving up their time to help a local boy.

I'm a Northern Suburbs lad - School at Claremont High, Claremont College. Shopped at Claremont Village. Played my junior Footy at the Claremont Junior Football Club. Im a proud member of the Claremont Community. Nothing made me prouder than watching an emotional Ben Atkin announce at the end of the night that they had raised $38,000. An entire Community pulling together to help a fellow member in need.

The Glenorchy Football Club gave the use of their facilities for free, and if that wasn't enough they chipped in $500 from the bar. Local boy Simon Wiggins made the effort to get a signed Carlton Jumper for the auction, Ben Atkin must have racked up $10,000 in phone calls to organise the event. Local businessmen brought up big in the Sports Memorabillia Auction.. Table 4 and Table 10 must have parted with at least $20,000 in the auction.

A truly remarkateable effort made for a guy who is going through a situation that we can't even imagine. All the best Brent, everyone who hears your story is backing you in. I know that "Better Days Are Shining Through" for you mate.