First Grade Team Records and Premierships


Season Captain
1941-42 G.T.H. James
1942-43 G.T.H. James
1948-49 E.E. Rodwell
1950-51 E.E. Rodwell
1951-52 E.E. Rodwell
1952-53 E.E. Rodwell
Finals series introduced:

1954-55 E.E. Rodwell North Hobart
1955-56 E.E. Rodwell New Town
1956-57 E.E. Rodwell North Hobart
1960-61 L.H.J. Smith North Hobart
1962-63 E.E. Rodwell North Hobart
1973-74 B.D. Richardson Sandy Bay
1975-76 K.G. Cobern New Town
1976-77* B.W. Neill South Hobart

* = Drawn Grand Final

Highest Score (Roster Matches) 9-457 v Colts 1952-53
Highest Score (Semi-Final) 465 v New Norfolk 1955-56
Highest Score (Grand Final) 8-437 v New Town 1955-56

Lowest Score (Roster Matches) 19 v Sandy Bay 1934-35
Lowest Score (Semi-Final) 73 v New Town 1957-58
Lowest Score (Grand Final) 92 v Clarence 1988-89

Highest Opposition Score (Roster Matches) 8-407 by Kingborough 1937-38
Highest Opposition Score (Semi-Final) 9-397 by South Hobart 1980-81
Highest Opposition Score (Grand Final 9-364 by South Hobart 1958-59

Lowest Opposition Score (Roster Matches) 26 by North Hobart 1955-56
Lowest Opposition Score (Semi-Final) 36 by New Town 1957-58
Lowest Opposition Score (Grand Final) 61 by New Town 1975-76

Most Consecutive Wins in a Season: 11, 1954-55 (included Semi-Final and Grand Final)
Most Consecutive Matches Without a Loss: 12, 1955-56 (included one draw)
12 1956-57 (included one draw)
Most Consecutive Losses in a Season: 8, 1931-32 (the first eight matches played in the TCA)
Most Consecutive Matches Without a Win 10, 1934-35 (included five draws)


1970-71 K.G. Cobern TCA Knockout Cup Kingborough
1972-73 B.D. Richardson TCA Knockout Cup Sandy Bay
1973-74 B.D. Richardson TCA Knockout Cup Kingborough
1980-81 I.H. James TCA Knockout Cup Sandy Bay
1988-89 M.D. Taylor TCA Knockout Cup South Hobart – Sandy Bay
1990-91 C.L. Broadby Kookaburra Statewide Cup Wynyard
2004-05 K.S. Pickering Kookaburra Statewide Cup South Hobart – Sandy Bay
2005-06 M.G. Knight Kookaburra Statewide Cup Clarence