New Clothing!!!

Venom Training Top (Back)

Venom Training Top (Front)

Two Day Playing Top

The new 2 day playing tops and training T shirts are here!!!

Costs are $45 for the 2 day top and $25 for the T shirt, the 2 day top will have a number on the back (more than likely your one day number) and for those over 18 the Betasport logo on the front.

We also have just recieved new stock of the casual polo's $30, one day pants $30, shorts $20, caps $20 and jackets $40.

The 2 day tops are in the process of having the Betasport badge and numbers put on them but will hopefully be available in a fortnight or so.

Just a reminder to some players that seeing the majority are now going to be wearing the club cream 2 day top, you may want to think about getting yourself a pair of cream pants (Sportsco in Northgate would be able to help) either that or look a tool and get sledged all year :)

Any queries just send me a message