Corey Whitbread

Name: Corey Whitbread

Nickname: Fatty

Age: 19

Number of years at GCC: 7

Funniest cricketing moment: Snooksy being a captain of 3rd grade lol

Cricketing career highlight: Getting my first 100 against Clarence

Biggest Influence on your cricketing career: Playing backyard cricket with Dad and wanting to be like Gilchrist

Highest score (All grades): 101

Best Bowling (All grades): 2-13 over 7 years of cricket. gigidie

Favourite AFL team: Kangas

Favourite AFL player: Wayne Carey? or Booma Harvey

Favourite GCC player and why: Chris Barker, that wasn't LBW

Best thing about GCC and why: The KGV pitch that never has any bounce, its pefect for my bowling

One word to describe Egg: Jigglypuff