Ben Button

Name: Benjamin Button

Nickname: Ranga, Big Red, Firey, Curious and 20 thousand other red head names lol

Age: 29

Number of years at GCC: 10yrs

Funniest cricketing moment: Bowled a 14 ball over against Nth Hobart at Cambridge but only bowled two wides in the over

Cricketing career highlight: Taking 8 for 28 to win the game

Biggest Influence on your cricketing career: My Teammates

Highest score (All grades): 46no, 3rd grade against Lindisfarne

Best Bowling (All grades): 8/28 3rd Grade against Kingborough

Favourite AFL team: Geelong Cats

Favourite AFL player: Paul Chapman

Favourite GCC player and why: Jimmy Kapeller always makes me laugh on and off the field

Best thing about GCC and why: No matter what we always have fun

One word to descibe Egg: Energetic lol NOT!!!