0910 3rd Grade R6 v New Town

Glen 3/ 176 (25)

C. Whitbread 65* (67)
W. Gainsford 60* (45)
S. Stebbings 35 (25)

def New Town 174 (43)

K. Johnson 5/ 28 (9.4)
T. Faultusz 3/ 47 (10)

The day started just like every other day, music pumping, doughnuts out, microwave spinning, sausage rolls cooking.

Well just about like any other day, the boys were up and about and looking for a win.

Stebbo lost the toss and New town elected to bat. Benny (Princess) Button opened the bowling with Matty (Truck) Orth at the other end. Ben started us off well by getting one of the openers with a sizzling unplayable yorker in his 2nd over. Matty bowling good areas and frustrating himself but unable to claim a wicket.

On came Tim Faltusz and Elliot (sheep) Maher to bowl the second change Tim taking a wicket in the beginning of his spell leaving New Town at 2 for very few. Ben Button was catlike in the field producing lightning fast reactions and a magnificent runout. New Town struggling at this stage with their only hope A Hickey.

On came the spin twins Kevin (Kevvy J) Johnson and Koushik (K.K) Kannan. Johnson bowling tight and on the spot, Kannan unable to do so brought Faltusz back into the attack. Faltusz the first to strike taking the well in Hickey setting him up for a short ball with a change of field and bowling straight on the top of off stump tearing it out of the ground. Next ball another wicket with Tim getting an lbw decision his way. Tim unable to get the hatrick. Johnson soon got his name in the paper also on a hatrick the first to fall was Graham missing the ball and Corey (fatty) Whitbread snapping the bails off quick smart and the next batsmen to fall clean bowled.

Johnson picked up the last 3 of the day finishing with the 5. New town all out for 174!

Corey (Fatty) Whitbread and Chris Barker opened the bat with Barker falling early, out for a duck.

Then the fireworks started with the captain STEBBO and Fatty getting right into the bowlers having a 65 run partnership until Stebbs knicked out chasing a wide one. Ploughman to the crease not lasting long only making the 8.

Willy G joined corey at the crease and they had a superb partnership demolishing the attack the game over in the 26th over.

Corey and Will both with the red ink Corey making 65 and Will 60.

Good win by the boys.