Golf Day at Ouse

On Sunday the 2nd of August about 20 of us from in and around the club braved the cold and wintery conditions to go up on Dave and Cathy's bus to Ouse or a social game of golf.

We set off from KGV at 9am and went via McDonald's Bridgey to pick up Brodie, Nathan, Euko and so Geevesey could show us how deep his pockets are in buying the bus a hash brown each.

On arrival at Ouse we organised our groups of three or four and set off for a game of Ambrose. Geevesy and Ando kindly donated some batting gloves and 'Venom' cricket tops for first and second prize.

18 holes were a bit much for some, with two of the five groups (Egg's and Marto's) failing to make it around the last 9 holes and they resorted to the clubrooms for a beer and to watch the footy.

For those who managed to finish 18, Nathan Philip's group took out the first prize of batting gloves and also picked up the Payne Stewart Best Dressed Award.

The bus finally left Ouse at 5ish (I think, memory just fades a bit after this point) and made a pit stop at the Bush Inn and we finally got back to the dark surrounds of KGV a bit messy at I've got no idea what time.

Many thanks to Dave and Cathy Adams for the use of their bus, the day surely wouldn't of been the same without their help.

Sorry but the photos are back to front, that's just how they uploaded so start at the bottom the day might make more sense.

Everyone attempting to find their clubs at the end of the day's play

Billy, Payne and Shane

Egg belting out some tune


Inside the Ouse golf club

Egg doing the presentations

Dave Whitbread

Shane and Kevvy J

Rizza trying to prove to us he can read, it didn't work

Payne Stewart a.k.a Nathan Philip

Presidante Brett Smith well on the way

Geeves on the green

There go the clubs Marto


Dave celebrating a good shot

The divet a ball left hitting the soft Ouse greens

Black Bob's caravan

Gearing up ready to leave in the morning