Egg The Loser is finally here!

For those who may or not know, club president Brett 'Egg' Smith has decided enough is enough and is going about losing some weight this winter.

Egg, together with Dane Anderson, came up with the idea of turning Egg's winter mission into a full blown fundraiser which is (if Barge decides to pull his finger out) looking as if it is going to be a very successful for the club.

All you have to do to get behind Egg's quest is state how much you wish to sponsor him per kg (you can sponsor him any amount you like), e.g. Say I sponsor him $2, if he loses 25kg's that equals 2 x 25= $50.

If you wish to sponsor Egg please contact Damien West at and state your name and amount you wish to sponsor him.

Already the running total as at 26/6/09 stands at $232.75 per kg; notable donee's include Brett Geeves at $20 per kg, Chris Ryan $10, Nathan Henley $5, Mark House $5 and Tim MacDonald $5.

The competition is running between 27th April 09 to the 31st of October 09 where all sponsors will be invited to the final weigh in and we will throw a few hundred dollars of the money raised and have a spit roast.

Egg's weigh in was on the 27th of April and he tipped the scales in at 145.8kg's.

Thanks should be sent out to Brendon Godfrey and the team at Genisis Fitness Centre who have gotten behind Egg with a membership and free personal training on his 6 month vendetta.

Good luck big man!

Some pics from the weigh in and first session at the gym: