1st Grade R5 v Clarence

Clarence 3/273 (50 overs)

D.West 1/31 (10)

def Glenorchy 6/228

L.Butterworth 72 (60)
D. Anderson 49
N. Butterworth 31*
N.Philip 18*

The Pies took on the Clarence boys for round 5 at KGV. Arriving at the ground and seeing a wicket that wasnt soaking wet with an outfield to match, was a welcome change as it meant we were going to get away on time for a change. Richie Dilger was presented with his cap becoming the 15th Dilger to debut for the Pies in the last 2 years. Benny Harris called tails which never fails, and it didnt as he decided to have a bat.

Westy and Massive Ears Butterworth kept it tight early with Westy bowling 6000 dot balls to David Dawson on the trot before he lobbed one straight to Richie at mid off. Harris then joined Jonny wells at the crease and put on a good partnership we struggled to break with Wells ending up 120 and Harris 72. For me the highlight from our bowling effort was being able to get the young leggies on (Penny and Richie), and for them to bowl really well to 2 good players, well done lads.

Nathan (the) Butterworth (no one cares about) came back well in his 2nd and 3rd spells to show that there is more to his game than bowling no balls and wides. Tubby came out late and banged 60no to get Clarence to 273 off their 50 overs.

After 12 saveloys, 5 sausage rolls and 15 Carlton Draughts, Egg decided to leave the bar and watch on as the Pies went about chasing down the runs.

Robbie Dilgs, Luke Ball and myself all got starts but failed to cash in on what was a good wicket for batting. Massive Ears Butterworth went about chasing down the target with some late slogs to cow off Tubb, but became unstuck for a quickfire 72 off 60 odd rocks when he decided hitting 6's wasnt enough fun and he'd try to reverse sweep an arm ball on middle stump?!? Good thinking mate. Nathan Butts played the shot of his life as he went down on one knee and replicated a right hand version of his brothers slog sweep and hit it clean out of the screws and manage to trickle it over the rope for a 4. We ended up falling short finishing at 6 for 228.

Dissapointing to not get the win but some good signs again from the young blokes most notably the leggies but also the continual tidyness of Nath (Son of a weathered bald bloke) Phillip behind the stumps, showing signs that he is already 4 times the player his dad ever was.

Just in finishing I'd like to say well done to Egg, Hunty, Coey, Jimbo and the others for the great night on Saturday at the Thommo function. A good turn out to a great night which has made the club some valuable cash to keep the club up and about. Well done to everyone who supported the function by rolling up! Glenn Hughes the highlight for me, how funny is that bloke! "You cant't bowl there to the Glenn Boy!"

Dane Anderson
1st Grade player & former state player