Kevin Davis

Name: Kev Davis

Nickname: Fruitbat

DOB: aug 18 1983

Debut: under 17's dunno when

Previous/ other teams: Campania, Skipton and Mt Lawely

Marital Status: Taken

School/ Place of Employment: James Oval (UWA)

Hardest Opponent: the Polkstar

Best bowler you’ve faced: Damien West (in the nets)

Best batsman you’ve dismissed: Mick Summers (SHSB CC)

Favourite Cricketer: Matt Hoggard

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: Skipton CC (UK)

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner: NIKKI HUDSON (HOCKEYROO'S)

Favourite TCA venue: KGV OVAL

Funniest Cricketing Moment: egg's slegdes

Favourite G.C.C player and why: ALL

Best part of G.C.C: The Bar nights