Damian Butterworth

Name: Damian Butterworth

Nickname: Buttsy

DOB: 01-06-1990

Previous/other teams: Nil

Marital Status: Single

School/Place of Employment: Claremont College

Hardest Opponent:

Best Bowler you've faced: Brett Geeves

Best batsmen youve dismissed: Shane Watson (when i was 12) but in a match probably the Andree twins both in the same over!

Favourite Cricketer: Ricky Ponting

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: When a teammate got out handled ball last wicket of the match and we lost!Also being on a hat-trick at the end of days play

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner: Stephanie Rice or Miranda Kerr

Favourite TCA Venue: Bellerive Oval

Favourite G.C.C player: Brett Geeves just a all round top bloke and the success he has had of late is amazing

Best part of G.C.C: The success and lot of great blokes to be around