Club family day at KGV

The club kicked off it's social calendar on the 4th of October with a Family Day at KGV.
While the chilly Hobart weather is believed to have kept scores away, the thirty or so that did front up enjoyed a good old fashioned BBQ, Snags and Hamburgers complimented by some beverages, alcoholic for those who were old enough.

For the players it was an earlier start at KGV, a 2-hour fielding session accompanied by the 'Beep Test', just to give Super Coach Brodie an indication of where the boys fitness was at, or wasn't at before the start of the season.

Richie 'FIGJAM' Dilger took the unofficial honours in the beep test recording Level 11 and with only 2 more players, Luke Curran and Liam 'Generator' Reynolds making the magical 10.5 level (for those who didn't know, that is what the average joe who plays cricket should achieve), fitness & conditioning guru Nathan 'Craig Mottram' Butterworth looks to have his work cut out for the rest of the season trying to get us remotely fit.

Special mention should be made to Damien 'ct & bld Tubb' LeRossignol, who won the over 45 section with level 5.5. Well done Sog.

The club's next function is the golf day on the 24th of October.