Andrew McKellar

Name: Andrew McKellar

Nickname: Spotty

DOB: 23/ 5/ 1974

Debut: 1988-89

Previous/ other teams: Nil

Marital Status: Available

School/ Place of Employment: Australia Post

Hardest Opponent: All. Except John Snooks

Best bowler you’ve faced: Damien Wright/ Gerard Denton

Best batsman you’ve dismissed: Jamie Cox

Favourite Cricketer: Anyone who plays for Glenorchy

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: 7-22 against Clarence

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner: Brett Smith (lots of grog involved)

Favourite TCA venue: KGV/ TCA

Funniest Cricketing Moment: Many? Everytime I play

Favourite G.C.C player and why? Too may to name

Best part of G.C.C: Being involved with a great bunch of blokes and being a life member