Book Release - In the firing line by Ed Cowan

Book Review -In The Firing Line by Ed Cowan
Reviewer - Tim Ross -  comedian and author of Mum Had a Kingswood.
“This brutally honest season diary is a fascinating and illuminating insight into the mind of the modern cricketer and one that I couldn’t put down. It was with great consolation that I realised that comedians aren’t alone when it comes to the constant questioning and self analysis of our performances.
Amongst a sea of ghost written stocking fillers, this sporting book is a revelation and there is no doubt that Ed Cowan is destined to be one of our finest cricket writers.”
Book Launch Bellerive Oval Friday at Bellerive Friday 4th November post game from 6.30pm - meet Ed and chat to him about his new book.   -Simon Stebbings.