2nd Grade R9 v Clarence

Glenorchy 141 (42.3)

C. Whitbread 41
S. Palmer 21
A. McKellar 19

def by Clarence 8/ 199 (50)

M. Hamilton 2/ 26 (7)
A. McKellar 2/ 39 (10)
D. Hunt 1/ 18 (10)

The Pies arrived at Fergusson Park at 10.00am as per usual to warm up for the big game against the arch enemy Clarence.

Both teams were surpised that they finally got a sunny saturday which was great. Captain grumpy LeRossignol lost the toss and the Glenorchy boys were sent out for a field. Curran and Ploughman opened up the account with some very sharp pace but it didnt seam to worry the Clarence openers. Curran had no luck as per usual with some easy catches going down " Milly and Plough".

David "Mr Economy" Hunt picked up the first pole knocking over the pegs with his extreme pace. Sogg then threw the ball to the veteran McKellar who snared two handy wickets in short time. But it was the game breaker Matthew " Biggest lbw shout ive every heard" Hamilton picked up his 1st wicket with his 1st ball and it was an extremely fast lbw shout.

With a pretty good fielding effort apart from some dropped catches the pies held Clarence to 199 which was an ok effort on a pretty good batting wicket.

Captain " cant see the fielders" LeRossignol made a change to the top order sending fatty Whitbread in to open with Prakash which pushed Hunt to 3 and Hamo to 4. Whitbread started of well top scoring with a solid 41.

Prakash, Hunt, Hamilton and LeRossignol all fell cheap to clarence spinner Liam Rice who snared 6/23.

Sogg was in and out for a well played 0 hitting it straight down deep mid-wickets throat.

Palmy contributed with a handy 21 and spotty used his experence to get his way to 19. After a good effort in the field from clarence they kept the pies to only 141 which just wasnt enough. The Pies were just not good enough on the day. Which gave Clarence the 6 points.


Jamie Adams
2nd Grade Fill In