Glenn Ellis

Name: Glenn Ellis

Nickname: Ellis

DOB: 16/01/1982

Debut: 97????

Previous/ other teams: Devonport Cricket Club, Heatherton Cricket Club

Marital Status: Girlfriend

School/ Place of Employment: BeerWineSpirits

Hardest Opponent: ......

Best bowler you’ve faced: jurgensen

Best batsman you’ve dismissed: hahaha they all friggin rabbits if i get them out

Favourite Cricketer: shelto

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: tonning up at clare st and shelto the jack came out when i was on 99

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner: well the list is long you have confused i wouldnt know who to settle with... maybe egg?

Favourite TCA venue: KGV

Funniest Cricketing Moment: they all involve the great man brett smith... too many to mention

Favourite G.C.C player and why: lukey butts, hes a weapon

Best part of G.C.C: drinking piss!