Koushik Kannan

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Name: Koushik Kannan


DOB: 26/11/1980

Debut: 2007

Previous/ other teams: Adelaide TC

Marital Status: Single

School/ Place of Employment: Honeywell

Hardest Opponent: Havent Found Him Yet

Best bowler you’ve faced: None

Best batsman you’ve dismissed: Don't remember

Favourite Cricketer: Sachin Tendulkar

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: 150 run Partnership with Corey

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner: She is not here yet

Favourite TCA venue: Glenorchy

Funniest Cricketing Moment: Favourite G.C.C player and why: Hunty because of his attitide

Best part of G.C.C: Good Blokes to play with