Matthew Hamilton

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Name: Matt Hamilton

Nickname: Hamo

DOB: 22/12/1986

Debut: 2003

Previous/ other teams: Moonah, North Hobart, Newtown

Marital Status: Single

School/ Place of Employment: Muir Engineering

Hardest Opponent: Kim Dillon

Best bowler you’ve faced: Tristan Penneyston is unplayable, biggest turner of the ball I have seen, and Pravish Prakash for sheer pace.

Best batsman you’ve dismissed: Matthew Shelton

Favourite Cricketer: Douglas Jardine

Most memorable cricketing moment in your career: James Kapellar vs Lindisfarne. After being caught behind of a beam ball, ‘Jimmy’ marches off the ground through the celebrating Lindisfarne players, hip and shouldering at least two of them. Later during the same match, ‘Jimmy’ is bowling to the number 11 batsman, who slogs him over ‘cow’ for 6. The batsman celebrates by raising his bat to the cheering Lindisfarne team whilst running down the wicket. As he gets to the other end Jimmy kicks the batsman in the shins and the big fella went down.

Ideal Beach Holiday Partner:

Favourite TCA venue: Cross Roads

Funniest Cricketing Moment: Standing in the slips next to Daniel Quarrell, Ricky Martin and myself were sledging one of the Jubb boys, ‘Binga’ panicking turns around and whispers “Boys stop sledging him or we won’t be allowed back into Iso!!!”

Favourite G.C.C player and why: Dave Hunt, he is a star

Best part of G.C.C: The kettle