Will Gainsford

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Name: Will Gainsford

Nickname: Willy, Wilba, Willow.

Age: 24

Number of years at GCC: 7 years

Funniest cricketing moment: When Brett Geeves hit a six through his own car window

Cricketing career highlight: Winning U/17 Premiership and debuting 1st Grade against North Hobart

Biggest Influence on your cricketing career: My Dad

Highest score (All grades): 117

Best Bowling (All grades): 5/29

Favourite AFL team: Collingwood

Favourite AFL player: Leon Davis

Favourite GCC player and why: Luke Curran because you could write a book with his awesome quotes

Best thing about GCC and why: Sharing a win with the boys

One word to describe Egg: Funny