Brett Smith

Name: Brett Smith

Nickname: Egg

Age: 39

Number of years at GCC: 25 years coming up

Funniest cricketing moment: A game I was playing in the mid 90s had to stop because of a massive domestic involving a Clarence players parent, cops called, cricket bats being swung around, dented cars the lot

Cricketing career highlight: As sad as it sounds 1991 4ths flag, Clarence getting ass raped in the kooka final

Biggest Influence on your cricketing career: Alcohol

Highest score (All grades): 98

Best Bowling (All grades): 6/60 something like that (many kg’s ago)

Favourite AFL team: Pies

Favourite AFL player: National one’s

Favourite GCC player and why: Trent LeRossignol, just for sheer toughness

Best thing about GCC and why: The quality of the paint work inside the clubrooms

One word to describe Egg: Fat (everyone else will put that, so I might as well too)